“You must have so many great pictures of your children!” LOL! – Worcester Massachusetts Children’s Portrait Photographer




It’s true, I’m a photographer and I do have tons of great images of my kiddos.  But, boy-oh-boy is it a task to get them! They don’t make it easy.  My children are sometimes my most difficult clients!  Here are a few portraits along with a few behind-the-scenes pictures that show just what goes on with my own children when they enter into my studio and step in front of my camera.  Enjoy!

This specific shoot was not planned.  I didn’t have high expectations.  She wanted her baby to be in pictures.  So, I included her for a few which made Abby happy and  because she was happy, I was able to capture the portrait above.

Below is what she wanted to do….And below are the portraits I wanted  🙂
After I knew I captured a few great portraits, she was able to do what she wanted for pictures.  Below is what she wanted to do.  
and then Patrick decided to join in the fun too! lol!
So, in the end, we were both happy and we both had fun taking pictures!! Thanks for reading! There’s lots  of cuteness coming later this week  🙂