Newborn Baby Boy – Massachusetts Children’s Photographer Portrait Photography Worcester, MA

Here’s the last of the newborn boom I had last month.  Again, these baby pictures were taken at my in-home studio located in Central Massachusetts.  I have some more young babies coming up.  But now, I am working seniors since it’s crunch time before their deadline.  .  . Stay tuned!!

We started out on-top of these towels.  He cooperated so it was pretty quick  🙂

Then, we dressed him in this little green outfit in preparation to take him outside.  But, he was so sleepy I couldn’t resist getting a few images of him inside first. Then, we were finished but before we picke dhim up, we added his little cousin in for a few. . . Here’s the link to his newborn pictures just taken a few months ago But, he pushed him out of the way and made a gesture as if to say  “please leave me alone, I ‘m trying to sleep!”Finally we went outdoors.  It was very dark outside and on the verge of raining all day.  .  . We went out and were back in within 5 minutes… It started to sprinkle.  But we were able to squeeze in a few . . .After we went inside, I grabbed a quit shot of “J” while his newborn cousin was eating and getting sleepy for the next pose  🙂We ended it with this pose.  He was such a great subject!!and he smiled for us!!!!!!!!!  Love this one  🙂Thanks for coming back!! It was great to see you both again!

  • September 15, 2010 - 8:21 am

    LBC - So adorable….beautiful!!

  • September 15, 2010 - 11:38 am

    Bob Crawford - Nice job. These two are both my new grand children. Thanks for the lovely photos. We will treasure them. :o)