Just One. . . Massachusetts Family Photographer Salisbury Beach

Been really busy over here in “the studio” working on a ton of stuff.  Here is a quick picture I took of Patrick and Abby last week while camping at Salisbury Beach.  It was gorgeous outside.  So, I decided to torture myself and try to get a few pictures in at sunset.  Sooo, happy I did!! There’s a quick story behind this one. . .  Pat was great for the pictures as usual.  Abby on the other hand wanted nothing to do with them.  So, I offered to give her one dollar hahaha (I have never bribed my children with money before but I think out of desperation it slipped).  It was the perfect time, and the perfect setting and Abby still wanted nothing to do with the pictures.  I wasn’t going to bug her too much since really it was pretty much bed-time and she didn’t get a nap in all day.  How much could I really expect?  So, I said “ok, forget it, no biggie, let’s go see the boats over here…”  Then as we were walking away Abby said in her cute little voice,  “I take-a picture?”  I said well SURE!! So I was able to get a few of her alone and then this one with Patrick.  I am soo happy I love it!! I actually already ordered it in a 24×30 inch canvas float wrap.  Once again I can’t wait to get it in…  Back to the story. ..  So anyways, I was so happy.  We all started walking toward the car and Abby looks at me and says “I have my hundred dollars??”  hahahaha! I love her.  She cracks me up!!!

  • July 31, 2010 - 7:38 am

    Renee - Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I should have went too!!

  • August 2, 2010 - 9:09 am

    LB - Love this pic! Such a great shot 🙂