Central Mass Newborn Photographer – Boy in Blue

At Lynn Quinlivan Photography, we are often reminded of how lucky we are. We get the privilege to make our clients happy with the gorgeous imagery of their little ones. Being a Central Mass Newborn Photographer is very rewarding, especially when we are able to please clients like these ones.

Central Mass Newborn Photographer

Massachusetts Newborn Photographer

Both Mom and Dad were State Troopers and we can not thank them enough for the work they have done and continue to do. We are so incredibly thankful for everyone within the police force. This image is a powerful one. This handsome little boy in blue who will grow up so very proud of both of his parents.

Central Mass Newborn Photos

MA Newborn Baby Photos

We love making newborn sessions as personalized as possible. So we encourage clients to bring in sentimental items or special pieces from their very own nursery. Like this unique blanket pictured here!

Central Mass Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography in Central MA

This adorable elephant was also a personal touch from this little guy’s very own collection. It’s so much bigger than him! How cute?!

Central Mass Newborn Photographer

Lynn Quinlivan is a highly sought after Central Mass Newborn Photographer who specializes in natural light imagery. Her adorable studio is located on Elm Street in Millbury Ma and services all of Massachusetts. Clients come from all over to share their newborn babies with Lynn and her team. At Lynn Quinlivan Photography, we are always looking to meet new growing families like yours. The excitement, love and joy that comes along with having a new little one is so very special. It’s definitely an event to remember and what a wonderful way to make your memories last than with some timeless photography. Did you just have a new baby? Or are you currently excepting and planning ahead? Let us know! We would love to hear from you! Send us an email so we can tell you about our many newborn options. Click here to check out our gallery of newborn images.