And Finally…….Patrick’s Captain Jack Sparrow Halloween Costume Pictures – Massachusetts Children Photographer

Patrick picks his costume every year by the weapon he thinks is the coolest.  Boy oh boy, this year he wanted a “sword and a pistol”. So he decided on Captain Jack Sparrow. He really plays the part.  I have so much fun photographing both of my children when they are into the photoshoot.  These mini-shoots I do with my children last maybe 20 minutes tops!  How do I get my children to cooperate?  I bribe them. Hahaha! But really, I come prepared.  I have everything ready and in place for the shoot. No disorganization.  I make it fun for them.  They can do their funny poses in between my directed poses.  I show them silly and cool pictures on the back of my camera.  I make sure that they have their fun while I get “my shots” too.  If there is a reward involved I make sure to always follow through right after the shoot.  They associate our time together with fun and there you have it.  Happy children, great pictures, and one happy photographer mommy.  All around fun family time.  Enjoy and have a great Halloween everyone!!!